Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Delhi unites against injustice: Call against displacement, inequality in education

The Delhi leg of Jan Haq Yatra, a nationwide people’s rally, on the need to ensure basic rights without discrimination, was spearheaded by Alliance for Peoples’ Rights. The Yatra mobilize marginalized communities across different areas to unite and raise their voice on several issues plaguing India’s capital, in order to end social, economic and political exploitation

The main thrust of the Yatra was against the current model of development that favours the haves and exploits the marginalized. Believing that it cannot be a mute spectator NAFRE (National Alliance for the Fundamental Right to Education and Equity) has initiated the Jan Haq Yatra to coalesce demands from across the country and present an alternate development model that truly reflects the voice of the people. The Yatra is spearheaded by local grassroots NGOs who align with this community mode and democratic nature of the process. The Yatra has till now traveled across Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, Manipur, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

The primary demands of the communities to the State during the Delhi Jan Haq Yatra was:
· Ensure equity in education: 2 lakh children are out of school, numerous children drop out, government schools fail to provide quality education. Implementing the common school system (CSS). to addresses children’s fundamental right to quality education, which has already been ratified by the government’s National Policy on Education in 1986 but not yet implemented. It is believed that CSS is a powerful tool which reflects inclusiveness and equity, both of which are vital to the establishment of a People’s India.
· Ensure basic housing Facilities: 25% of Delhi’s population lacks basic housing or is completely homeless. They must be ensured basic housing facilities
· Ensure rights for the unorganized sector : These include rag pickers, daily wage earners - comprising migratory communities – who must be given their just share of resources
· Ensure acceptable rehabilitation and resettlement norms: The gearing up for 2010 Commonwealth Games has resulted in high rate of demolition, displacing slum dwellers to areas without even the very basic facilities for living with even minimum dignity

People's Demands raised through Alliance for People's Rights

The objective of Jan Haq Yatra was to oppose the anti-poor and pro-rich policies of the government and organize these people and strengthen their social action groups at grass root level, and consolidate all progressive and democratic forces so that the government can be forced to do justice to the demands of poor and the deprived.

The Delhi part of NAFRE Jan Haq Yatra was organised by Alliance for People's Rights. The image shows the route of the yatra for 3 days.
Alliance for People's Rights organised Jan Haq Yatra (People's Rights Camapign) in Delhi from 1st to 3rd March 2008. The yatra went through 7 different locations (Tigri, NebSarai, Rangpuri Pahari, Kakrola Mod, Hastasal, Badli Industrial Area and Kalandar Colony) finally culminating in a Convention on Right to Free and Quality Education through Common School System (CSS) at Gandhi Peace Foundation on 3rd March 2008.